Political Report

Want uncrowded surf like it used to be over a decade ago? Then come NOW! We have not seen lineups in the water since we first bought here in 2006.

Political Report: Yes there are ongoing demonstrations but things have settled down quite a bit.  Yet, you would never know anything going on here in the “bubble.” I was just there 6/29/18 to 7/15/18 and had no idea of anything happening. I knew more about Nica back in the United States than the whole time I was there.  Virtually all the road blocks have been eliminated and our drivers are getting people thru without any problems.  Or do what I did and take the puddle hopper in from Managua or Liberia……way faster (25 minutes) and cheap ($115)!

Surf Report: Offshore 24/7 for the foreseeable future.  Basically fun and playful for the next two weeks with 2-4 foot surf.  On 8/12 swell increases and peaks with 4 to 6 foot surf 8/13/18.  A skatepark in your backyard and empty conditions. Now is the time to go with no crowds!!! 

Book now and get the Political Discount!!!!!  These empty conditions won’t last and there are already signs of recovery.

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