Covid Report:

3/7/21 Update:  I left Nicaragua on March 12, 2020 and was not able to get back for the first time until July 5, 2020.  I ended up flying commercial to Mexico City and then chartering a leer jet (Hawker 800) from there to Managua.  We were one of the first to enter the Country that way, no problems at all!  I then did the exact same thing again in the following month on August 18, 2020.  On October 3, 2020, I resumed commercial travel and have been doing so monthly ever since.  In fact, I flew to Nicaragua via commercial three times recently in a month’s time (1/21/21, 2/14/21, and 2/21/21)!

My latest trips have been thru Liberia, Costa Rica.  With this route I take a nonstop red eye down from LAX, taxi across the border,  and end up surfing Casa Colorados that morning.  There are no lines at the Penas Blancas Border and crossing is a non-issue.  Simply pay customs and present the negative covid test.  Upon return, I have been flying from Managua to San Jose, Costa Rica.  Then I catch a flight to Tijuana where I walk CBX to the US, again no lines whatsoever.  Better yet, no Covid Test needed if you go this route!!!

Im booking my trip again for next week!  Getting to Casa Colorados is easy! Come on down!




Political Report:  NO LONGER AN ISSUE!

11/21/19 Update:  For the past year, everything seems to be back to normal.  Since January I have gone down about 15 times, renting a car and driving myself from Managua many of those times. No incidences whatsoever.  I used to get pulled over every now and then and not once in the past year.  Inside the gates of Iguana it remains the bubble immune to the rest of Nicaragua.  The lineup is starting to get filled up again, but maxing out at less than 1/2 the usual crowds and you can still get it at certain times most days without anyone out.  We also just opened Iguana Brewery, and now host the only private community Brewery in the Country.  Casa Colorados remains paradise! Come on down!

01/09/19 Update:  Been here the past two weeks.  Most the surf has been Pangas up the beach.  Overhead most the time, hard offshore, uncrowded, and super fun.  Life here in the “Bubble” continues.  Seemed like normal thru the holidays with a lot of people and families here for the holidays.  You would never know anything is different, other than the line up remains uncrowded.  But then again, this time of year it usually is uncrowded.  We drove in and out from Managua and everything seemed back to normal.   Heading back middle of February.

11/23/18 Update:  Been here the past week.  Waves super fun the entire time and uncrowded.  Life here in the “Bubble” continues.  Lots of families though.  This looked like the busiest Thanksgiving I have ever seen.  Political events?????   You would never know.  Thank God they were mostly families and the lineup remained vacant!

11/12/18 Update:  Came down for 5 days and got to fly back on a neighbor’s leer jet!  Fastest journey from Nica ever.  Dropped off in Carlsbad 2 miles from my home and almost surfed both Nica and Carlsbad the same day but the lady wanted dinner instead.  Empty line up and fun waves the whole time.  Political events?  Whats that?  Life in the “Bubble,” but feels like 10 years ago.  Cant wait to come back in a couple weeks.

10/23/18 Update:  Been here a week.  Took the ski to Manzanillo for incredible surf. Uncrowded both here and Manzanillo.  Unbelievable that people are scared to come down.  This place is amazing and uncrowded.  Shhhh……….

9/30/18 Update:  Been here the past week.  Waves head high plus the whole time, offshore, uncrowded, and going off.  Life here in the “Bubble” continues.  Took a friend by car to Costa Rica and back to renew her visa and quieter than before the protests.  Even the border was vacant.  You would never know anything is going on politically down here unless you search for it on the web.  The only clue of anything different here is the peace, quiet, and lack of people here in Iguana.  The undiscovered secret of the past has reemerged! Sad to be leaving tomorrow.

9/6/18:  Want uncrowded surf like it used to be over a decade ago?  Then come NOW!  We have not seen lineups in the water this uncrowded since we first bought here in 2006.  CHECK OUT SURFLINE’S ARTICLE ON NICARAGUA PUBLISHED AUGUST 28, 2018.

Political Report: Demonstrations and road blocks are non-existent at the Coast, and are much more limited throughout the Country.  You would never know anything going on here in the “bubble.”  I was just there 8/31/18-9/5/18 and had no idea of anything happening, other than EMPTY LINEUPS.  I didn’t even take the puddle hopper this time to Esmeralda airport.  We taxied from Liberia to Casa Colorados and ended up there quicker than the plane.  Never got out of the car at the border and only $240.  Coming back we decided to go by foot and save $100.  Took same amount of time and even less at $140.  Its pretty much the same drive time as Managua.  Everything looked NORMAL.  All I can say is ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!  But then again, times like this wont last as word gets out.  Nicaragua is once again undiscovered!

Surf Report: Offshore 24/7 for the foreseeable future.  Waves were awesome the whole time and yesterday (9/5/18) was super fun and overhead. For the next two weeks should be even better, click here!.    A skate park in your backyard with empty conditions. Now is the time to go with no crowds!!!  Many mornings I had Colorados with only 1 to 3 people out.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Book now and get the Political Discount!!!!!  These empty conditions won’t last and there are already signs of recovery.

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