Located at the point where Nicaragua’s magnificent Rio Colorado meets the ocean, Playa Colorado is an absolute surfer’s paradise. This beautiful stretch of beach has been quite a well-kept secret among surfers. Playa Colorado attracts both professional and leisure surfers from far and wide. Of course, surfing is not the only attraction of Playa Colorado, but for the majority of surfers all that matters is the quality and consistency of the swell, and by all accounts it is exceptional.

Iguana Beach is the best place to be in all of Nicaragua. There are two world-class surf spots located on this one mile stretch of beach. Nicaragua’s Southern coast has yet to receive an acclaimed surfing award. The surfers that venture to this area are thankful that the amazing surf, waves and frequent swells have not gained international recognition and are not plastered on the news, in papers or on the web. This means, they get them all for themselves, hence, you are often the only surfer riding the waves. There are breaks for the professionals, the medium and the beginners.

Playa Colorado is one of the best beach breaks in Nicaragua. Colorado is a short paddle out, and offers both rights and lefts with plenty of big, open barrels. This spot breaks best on an incoming tide and can handle swell anywhere from knee high to double-overhead and bigger. There are several peaks and plenty of waves to be had. The large and medium sized waves make it a great spot for everyone to enjoy!

Panga Drops is an offshore, horse-shoe shaped rock reef that amplifies any swell. It is a shifty wave that offers big take offs, long rippable walls and big barrels on the inside section.
Panga Drops breaks best on a lower tide and can handle any swell that hits Nicaragua. The break requires a long paddle out and is not for the weak paddler. A bigger board is suggested to get into the sets out there. Both long boarders and short boarders will love this wave.